Alin Loghin

Senior graphics engineer

Veteran graphics engineer with over 7 years experience in the field, specialized in Realtime Computer Graphics and also a hobbyist 3D artist.

This is me

Though I have worked on various desktop, mobile and embedded automotive projects using different tools and technologies (Unreal Engine, Unity, OpenGL ES, GLSL, Direct3D, HLSL), I always tried to push the limits of the hardware and software available and exceed expectations. Each project had its unique combination of challenges, whether it was complex mathematics and spatial algorithms, advanced data structures or low level programming, but with a common goal: high performance rendering and cross platform usability.

I have also coordinated and developed a team of a dozen skilled graphics engineers, guiding them from a technical perspective to overcome engineering challenges and to attain our goals.

My passion has always been computer graphics, having started from a young age with modeling and game mods, this makes me to constantly learn and stay up to date with the latest technologies and advances in this field.


UE4 AxF/MDL importer

Part of Epic Games Datasmith, the importer involved: support for MDL and AxF materials, material distillation to UE4's material model, material graphs, procedural textures, complex BRDFs (clearcoat, carpaint, SVBRDF, BTFs, etc.).

AxF CPA2 material in AMD ProRender

Implementation of Xrite's AxF carpaint (i.e. CPA2) material in AMD's RPR for Solidworks, which is a complex BRDF (based on a multi-lobe Cook-Torrance) that uses BTFs for color shift and flakes interpolation based on the scene's lighting.

Telenav's next-gen graphic engine

Next-Gen rendering engine designed for mobile and embedded systems, API indepdent (OpenGL, OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0, DX11), the new architecture was targeted for multi-core systems and multiple contexts (multiple GPUs and/or displays).

Skobbler Maps Tile Sever

Web-service designed to render thousands of tiles/sec that is used for styleable online maps, it involved porting the mobile navigation renderer on Linux, multi-GPU rendering, visual and performance improvements (special caching, memory optimizations, etc.).

Culling systems designed for GIS apps

For a new rendering engine designed a culling system based on a hierarchical R-Tree implementation (with tweaked heuristics), that was for culling and batching of draw calls by reusing geometry buffers.

Graphics Lead, Europa Barbarorum

In charge of the graphics departament, revamping the look and feel of the game (strategic map, animations, new vegetation, postprocessing shaders and other), helping junior artists with reusable base characters and assets, also creation of units for certain factions like Roman, Germanic and many other.

C++11 Lock-free CommandBuffer

Designed for multi-threaded rendering applications (especially OpenGL ones) and high congestion, it's API agnostic. Useful to reduce state switches(i.e. materials, shaders), depth sorting(for transparency or hardware early-z rejection) and also for dispatching commands from multiple threads.

Ancient Helmet

Ancient Phyrgian-Boeotian Helmet, 2130 tris, PBR maps, 2048 resolution. Modeling in 3DS Max, normal map baked from high-poly model made in ZBrush and after baked in 3DS Max, texture maps made using Substance Painter and Designer with final touches in Adobe Photoshop.



Light sources detection

Detecting light sources from LDR/HDR environment maps.


Command buffers

C++11 lock-free command buffer implementation for multi-thread rendering.


Compute shaders for IBL

Using compute shaders for computing IBL maps on OpenGL and Vulkan.


Culling and batching for GIS applications

Presenting a way for batching geometry buffers using an hierarchical RTree, further details how it can be used for culling and dealing with LODs.


Telenav's next-gen rendering engine

Presenting some of the features I did for the next-gen rendering engine used in the navigation system, such as: rendering of map features (buildings, roads, etc), terrain implementation, details on line rendering and other.


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